Urban Territories



The way we live the city daily influences in how we stand in the world, how we think and act politically within it.


The appearance of gated communities on the outskirts of Buenos Aires constitutes an urban phenomenon of great relevance in the last decades. I photograph their walls as geographic landforms.

Frontiers that separate private properties and ranks of neighbours that roughly alter the urban landscape and rules radically. Though walls express themselves in different typologies leaving traces of what they hide or expose, patterns emerge in the uniformity where everything is alike in its differences. From which side I stand, the way of perceiving the world changes through a play of realities.


Walking through the outside it feels the quiet friction of the inflicted boundary, considering causes and consequences in terms of the social fabric, and I wonder how far we are prisoners of our own beliefs.


I remark the interaction between the wall and the context through a mirror that reflects what remains outside, searching for an interpretation that goes beyond what we behold.

The mirror contains the other dimension, which the wall conceals.

andrea alkalay  /  a r t   p h o t o g r a p h e y