Gold and Religion. an ancient relationship. Kutho, takes inspiration from a Burmese concept of Merit. A Buddhist ritual practiced at some pilgrimage sanctuaries of Indochina where men cover their relics with gold for a better Karma. Layers of centuries covering what lies beneath until losing shape. Active history for an everyday ritual.

A grace that we women are forbidden to access.

The series talks about religion associated with power and the relationship between the visible -not visible, cult-occult and the parallels universes. I'm interested in how an offering affirms the idea of a next life and empowers us by being used as a tool for that purpose. The liberation of the soul is also a work in progress.


I use the same leaves for these interventions aimed at interrupting expectations and expanding our interactions with the photograph and its meaning.

andrea alkalay  /  a r t   p h o t o g r a p h e y